Auxilium Applications

Here at the Auxilium Group, we're a dynamic web-based tech company constantly working on a diverse assortment of applications for our clients. These Apps are uniquely designed to modernize & streamline the needs of our customers. Here are just a few examples of the applications we've developed custom for the needs our clients.

Patient Status Board Application

Patient Status Board

This patient tracking system / board has been designed for a surgery center in Michigan. It's a dynamic application designed to book patient appointments and handle reminders for the patients via text, telephone or email on behalf of the clinic. This application also provides the facility with real-time data informing staff of patient wait-times and averages to see a physician and time to discharge.

Remote Patient Monitoring Application

Remote Patient Monitoring

This remote patient monitoring application is designed to operate in any modern browser and/or mobile device such as an iPad, tablet or your mobile phone. This application records, patient vitals, medication and dosage amounts, care plan management, action plan as well as team member assignment to a specific plan. Users can be alerted to this patient care plan via subscriptions.

Practice Management Application

Practice Management

A Practice Management applicatio suite designed for any practice that bills clients hourly. This application aims to manage several aspects of your given practice such as clients files/documents, mattery registry & types, payment and time management. Client billing is easily managed as this application pauses/resumes client accounts as you access them.

Tragic Event Response Team (TERT) Application

Tragic Event Response Team (TERT)

This cloud based application is designed to mobilize your tragic event response team within minutes of a tragic event. Via the telephone, TERT automatically connects team members and team leaders and records calls when applicable.

Scheduling Overtime Application

Scheduling Overtime

Shift Management software designed to accomodate overtime scheduling and employee availablity. Real-time shift tracking provides administration with immediate feedback on workforce requirements and employee availability via telephone and web-based technology.

Cross-Border COVID Testing Center

COVID Testing Center

An appointment application developed for a cross-border testing center for COVID-19. This application allows users to book an appointment to get screened/tested for the COVID-19 virus. Border-crossing agents can use information provided in the application to determine if people have the virus or not.

Maintenance and Repair Application

Maintenance & Repair

This Maintenance Repair & Work Order application developed for Toyoda Gosei has enabled this client to operate remotely via the web and assist with adding work orders, viewing work orders perform LPA Audits submit Absentee reports and more!

Layered Audits (5s) Application

Layered Audits (5s)

This application was developed for Toyoda Gosei with custom LPA options using modern web-based technology. Some key features of this application include the ability to perform a 5S Lean Audit, Environmental Audit, LPA Checklist, PPE Checklist, Quality Assurance Checklist and additional contains training guides for staff.

Long Term Corrective Action Plan Application

Long Term Corrective Action Plan

This application aims to target audits that have previously been marked as "bad" and are increasing in frequency and allow administration to rectify previously submitted audits.

Inventory Control Application

Inventory Control

This application uses UPC Codes / QR Codes and tracking inventory and building a list from these codes. This utlilizes a mobile device and uses the camera as the barcode scanner for the application. When items are scanned, users can see the item instantly, or it given the option to add this new item to their inventory list. Work orders can be generated and technicans alerted to the new items added into the inventory.

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